Laypad Cool Gel Mat 90x140

To επίστρωμα δροσιάς Laypad Cool Gel απορροφά αστραπιαία την υπέρμετρη θερμότητα από το σώμα μας, όταν ξαπλωνουμε σε αυτό, προσφέροντας μας δροσιά για ώρες.


Laypad X8


What Our Customers Say

“Laypad laptop stands are really amazing. My little boy is always on the surface of it and as Laypad stand does bare 25 kgrs I don’t worry anymore whether my son gets hurt. Safety is number one factor for Laypad laptop stands existense. Thanks Laypad”

George S

“When after a hot hard working day in the office, I get back home, Laypad Cool Gel is what I’m thinking of to fully soothen my body from outside hot temperatures. A short nap on it, fully rejuvenates my body and I feel cool if I’m getting out of the swimming pool”

Dionisis S

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