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Laypad Cool Gel Mat

Laypad Cool Gel mat is a new generation of comfort products to promote natural and restful sleep on hot summer nights. Sleepless nights make us tired, irritable and less productive. Using the air conditioning all night long can cause headaches, sometimes pain in bones and joints. It can also aggravate the effects of arthritis and neuritis. You’ll wake up feeling tired and uncomfortable. Laypad Cool Gel mat helps to regulate body temperature for a cool, restful, refreshing night sleep.


Laypad Cool Gel

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What Our Customers Say

“Laypad Cool Gel is really amazing. My little boy is always on the surface of it enjoying its coolness and feeling really comfortable in hot summer days. I don’t worry anymore whether my son feels hot. Coolness and refreshness is what Laypad Cool Gel offer him every day. Thanks Laypad.”

George S

“When after a hot hard working day in the office, I get back home, Laypad Cool Gel is what I’m thinking of to fully soothen my body from outside hot temperatures. A short nap on it, fully rejuvenates my body and I feel cool if I’m getting out of the swimming pool”

Dionisis S

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