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Laypad Cool Gel 1x 90×140 & 1x 40×30


Laypad Cool Gel set of one piece 90×140 and one piece 40×30 gives your bed the ultimate coolness for your comfort.

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Laypad Cool Gel set of one piece 90×140 and one piece 40×30 gives your single bed the ultimate coolness for your comfort.

They give you relief from the hot suffering summer heat when sleeping on it, cool your body and stop sweat. You can also use them on the sofa or on the floor and feel their coolness.

They comfort many occasions. Sleeping, heat stroke, night sweats, hot flushes, heat relief for kids, stretching, camping, exercising.

Relax in comfort whether you are on your couch, bed or any other place at home. The potential is limitless.

These gel matts are made up of elastic hi-tech macromolecule aqua-compound gel polymer designed and imported from Japan.

Laypad Cool Gel matts work by absorbing extra heat from your body through their surface and away from the body allowing you to relax in comfort.

  • Laypad Cool Gel matts allows the whole family to stay cool and refreshed.
  • Laypad Cool Gel matts technology is ideal whether you rest, sleep or sit.
  • Laypad Cool Gel matts will keep you cool by continuously absorbing your body heat.
  • Save on power bills while the whole family enjoys a relaxed and comfortable environment as you won’t need to use the air condition all the time.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Great for keeping kids cool.
  • Help to reduce muscle aches and pains.
  • Safe for all ages.
  • Non Toxic.
  • No Batteries or electricity required.
  • Great for sleeping, relaxing, exercising and camping.
  • Your pets will love them also


  • Texture: 35% cotton, 65% polyester
  • Ingredients: Macromolecule aqua-compound gel polymer, glyceride, water, preservative
  • Set Total Weight : 6.8 kgs
  • Size: Cover the whole bed

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Weight 6,8 kg



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