Laypad X8


The best ever made stand for notebooks, iPad, books, magazines and a wide range of other uses you couldn’t even imagine before.

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It’s a smartly designed, highly human-oriented laptop desk.
Powerful and flexible, it’s suitable to different kinds of situations and for different purposes.
In someway, you can call it a mini transformer.

☆ Situations suitable:bed, sofa, desk, carpet, lawn
☆ Usage suitable:laptop desk, mini desk, palette, flower shelf
☆ Apply to:Adults, kids

Each side has 3 folding legs that could circumvolve in 360º degrees. Just like human’s lower limbs, which are constructed of 3 parts ( sole, crus, thigh), its legs are also constructed by 3 parts, connected via 3 rotatable joints. Thanks to this design, it could seat, stand, squat just like human beings, convenient and flexible, serving you just the way/angle you desire.

Convenient auto-lock joints. The magic of the desk lies much on its flexible auto-lock joints, which enable the desk to transform in a short period of time. By slightly pressing and hold the silver button, the joint turns rotatable and you can then adjust height & angle easily. Let go of pressing, the joint will instantly auto-lock.

Aluminum alloy material.
Firm, fashionable and luxury, it’s also a perfect radiator for your laptop.

Use it anywhere. Carpet, Lawn, Sofa, Bed, Desk.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 56 × 30 × 35 cm


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